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Hunger strikers’ assembly decision – 21/02

For us, legalisation is neither a generic nor an abstract slogan. We don’t want proposals to be heard without us. For us legalisation means many and very specific things. Between those, first and foremost:

The issuing – since we are entitled to it – of a proper residence and labor permit to us, the 300 hunger strikers, who demand what should be a given for everyone by putting our lives on the line

As well as:

– that residence permits are no longer connected to work credits

– that all who lost their permits because of the above reason are legalised again

– the vindication of everyone whose application was rejected in 2005, after their application submission had been accepted and after they were forced to pay thousands of euros each

– the establishment of a permanent and open procedure for complete legalisation, which will process applications constantly

– the abandonment of any idea of criminalising any of our comrades in solidarity with us, who have been called as suspects of committing criminal acts by the authorities

And many more…

Anyone who wants to seriously engage with our strike and avoid a humanitarian crisis in Greece, should officially and directly contact us and whatever discussion must be focused on meeting the above demands.

Every human is worth a dignified life and labor

The hunger strike shall win!

Athens – Thessaloniki

21-2-2011  /  28th day on hunger strike

The 300 hunger strikers

Solidarity from Chiapas

27 de Enero de 2011

Hermanas y hermanos migrantes en huelga de hambre,
Saludamos su lucha desde México.
Nuestro pueblo es también un pueblo de migrantes. El sistema de explotación y opresión capitalista que los ha arrojado de sus casas, tierras y territorios también ha hecho que nuestros padres, madres, amigas, amigos y hermanos y hermanas tengan que migrar.
La misma persecución y desprecio que ustedes sufren en Grecia, es sufrida por millones de nuestros hermanos y hermanas en los Estados Unidos.
La derecha y las élites políticas y económicas se encargan de perseguirlos y negarles sus derechos, culpándolos a ellos de la falta de trabajo y de otros males que ellos mismos causan en sus sociedades. Nuestros hermanos y hermanas migrantes hacen muchas veces trabajos que nadie más querría hacer, por salarios que no podrían pagarse de manera legal. Su trabajo y sus aportaciones económicas, sociales y culturales son menospreciados por los poderosos, que sin embargo, se sirven de ellos y ellas.
México es también un país por el que muchos migrantes pasan en su camino hacia los Estados Unidos. Este es un tránsito tenebroso plagado de peligros e incertidumbres. El racismo, la discriminación y la impunidad también habitan en nuestros suelos. No sabemos cifras reales, porque de por sí los migrantes no le importan a la gente que hace cifras oficiales, pero miles de personas, de hombres y mujeres, son secuestrados, violados y no pocas veces, asesinados en este trayecto. Por si fuera poco, las redes de tráfico de personas y del narcotráfico, en contubernio con las autoridades, los fuerzan a incorporarse al crimen organizado.
Las mujeres son particularmente víctimas de estas redes que además ven en ellas una mercancía útil para sus redes de prostitución.
También sabemos que los países poderosos del Norte que se encargan decidir quién y qué es ser ilegal, son los que han llevado destrucción y muerte a sus países de origen. En México también nos hemos estado familiarizando últimamente con la “guerra” que nos ha sido impuesta desde arriba: la guerra contra el narcotráfico.
En fin, sabemos bien de los sufrimientos por los que ustedes han pasado y el presente infame que, mediante esta huelga de hambre, intentan cambiar. Ante esto, nos solidarizamos con su lucha y les decimos que son un ejemplo de dignidad y vida para todas y todos nosotros.

Brigada Feminista por la Autonomía (San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas)

London Mexico Solidarity

Tuesday 25/1/2011, 1st day of hunger strike


JANUARY 25, 2011, 1st day of hunger strike

Today, 50 of the 300 immigrant workers began a hunger strike on the 7th floor of the Labor Centre of Thessaloniki, where they are being hosted. The hunger strikers are in very good shape, their conditions of living are excellent. Their conviction that they are fighting for a just cause, for the legalization of all migrants, keeps their spirits high. On the first day of the hunger strike the immigrant workers have received support from unions and workers’ organizations, as well as from numerous people who have visited, asking to help and contribute in any way they can.

Already on the first day of the migrant workers’ hunger strike, which puts their lives at risk for their struggle, the unholy alliance of the State, the media and the far-Right launched an orchestrated attack, condemning them or victimizing the fighting strikers, and tried to divert public opinion away from the real issues of the struggle. We believe that despite this assault, Greek society will stand by the strikers. This struggle is just and powerful, it has massive solidarity and support and it will not surrender to goebbelist propaganda techniques.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 26th of January, the immigrant hunger strikers invite you to a Press Conference on the 1st floor of the Labor Centre.

From the Press Office

Solidarity Initiative of Thessaloniki


Statement of the 300 migrant workers on hunger strike from 25 January 2011

Statement of the 300 migrant workers on hunger strike from 25 January 2011

We are migrant men and women, refugees from all over Greece. We came here to escape poverty, unemployment, wars and dictatorships. The multinational companies and their political servants left us no choice but to repeatedly risk our lives to journey towards Europe’s door. The West that is exploiting our countries while benefiting from much better living conditions is our only chance to live decent lives, to live as human beings. Whether by regular or irregular entry, we came to Greece and are working to support ourselves and our families. We live without dignity, in the dark shadow of illegalness. Employers and State agencies benefit from the harsh exploitation of our labour. We live by the sweat of our brow and with the dream that one day we will have the same rights as our Greek fellow workers.

Recently our lives have become even more unbearable. As salaries and pensions are cut and prices rise, migrants are blamed for the misery and harsh exploitation of Greek workers and small businesses. Far right discourse is reproduced through the media when they talk about us.  On issues of migration, the propaganda of fascist and racist parties and groups has become the formal language of the State while their ‘proposals’ have already become government policy: the wall in Evros, floating detention centres and a European army in the Aegean, repression in the cities, massive deportations. They are trying to make Greek workers believe that we are suddenly a threat to them, that we are to blame for the unprecedented attack from their own governments.

The response to the lies and the cruelty must be provided now and it will come from us, from migrant men and women. We will put our own lives on the line to stop this injustice. We ask for the legalization of all migrant men and women, we ask for the same political and social rights and obligations as Greek workers. We ask our Greek fellow workers, everyone suffering exploitation, to stand with us. Support our struggle! Do not allow the lies, the injustice, the fascism and the despotism of political and economic elites to prevail. These are the same conditions that forced us to leave our homelands with our children in order to live with dignity.

We do not have any other way to make our voices heard, to raise awareness of our rights. Three hundred (300) of us will go on hunger strike in Athens and in Thessaloniki on the 25 January 2011. We risk our lives because, either way, there is no dignity in our living conditions. We would rather die here than allow our children to suffer what we have been through.

Assembly of migrant hunger strikers

January 2011