Solidarity with the 300 Migrant Workers on Hunger Strike in Greece

Solidarity with the 300 Migrant Workers on Hunger Strike in Greece

Migrant workers come to developed countries hoping to survive, or escape from political and social persecution, but they fall prey to wild exploitation, and today they are the first to experience the consequences of the current economic and social crisis.

The 300 hundred migrant workers who are on hunger strike in Athens and Thessaloniki have been living and working in Greece for years. However, they are deprived of basic rights of the Greek workers; they have no right to free movement, to decent terms of employment, to health insurance, to personal dignity, to life as such!

We express our support to their struggle for human dignity and basic civil rights. Elementary social justice dictates to legalize migrant workers and abrogate their penal and bureaucratic persecution.

Étienne Balibar

Emeritus professor of philosophy, Université Paris-Ouest

Distinguished Professor, School of Humanities, University of California, Irvine

Renate Bridenthal

Emerita Professor of History
Brooklyn College, The City University of New York

Noam Chomsky

MIT Department of Linguistics

Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus)
Marta Harnecker

Psychologist, Writer (Chile)


David Laibman

Professor, Economics, City University of New York


Michael A Lebowitz

Professor emeritus of Economics at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada


Peter McLaren

Professor, UCLAΜ, Graduate School of Education


Michael Perelman
Economics Department, California State University


Immanuel Wallerstein

Senior Research Scholar, Yale University

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