PRESS RELEASE – DAY 21 of the hunger strike


Monday, 14th February 2011

DAY 21 of the hunger strike

Τhe 50 migrant workers on the 7th floor of the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki have been on hunger strike for 21 days now. Despite their fatigue and physical exhaustion their spirits are high and they are determined to continue the hunger strike.

Yesterday, members of the Open Solidarity Initiative of Thessaloniki, intervened at the beginning of a famous theatrical performance at the Municipal Theatre of Kalamaria, (a play about an immigrant woman), informed the audience about the hunger strikers and their struggle and read out the text written by the assembly of hunger strikers.

The assembly of hunger strikers in Thessaloniki receives messages of solidarity everyday. Yesterday the Association of Victims of the Nazi Regime in Freiburg sent a message of support calling the government to follow the Geneva Convention and the Declaration of Human Rights, and to thus fulfill the demands of the immigrants. The Union of Postgraduate Students of the Philosophy and Education Department at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki hung a banner supporting the struggle of the 300 migrant workers at the entrance of the building of the Faculty of Philosophy. In their statement of support they declare that “the struggle of the migrants is our struggle too.”

Over 500 trade unionists who met at the Liverpool Trade Union Council on the 10th of February sent a message of solidarity to the 300 migrants on hunger strike in Greece: “We support your demands. Your struggles are our struggles. Your struggles are every worker’s struggle for social justice!” Ken Loach, the socialist film director and Ricky Tomlinson, the socialist actor, also signed the petition of solidarity to the 300 immigrant hunger strikers.

The Open Solidarity Initiative invites everyone to the interventions and solidarity actions planned for the next days:

Wednesday, February 16 at 10am – Intervention/info-action at the General Administration Office of the Prefecture of Central Macedonia (Oikonomidi and Rossidi street, Kalamaria)

Friday, February 18 at 6pmSolidarity march (meeting point: Kamara)


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