Solidarity action in Istanbul upon the call of the 300 migrants hunger strikers in Greece

Solidarity action in Istanbul upon the call of the 300 migrants hunger strikers in Greece

In Greece, 300 migrants have been on a hunger strike for the past 18 days. Having been forced to live in the country deprived of documents and social security they have started a hunger strike in the Faculty of Law School in Athens to attract public attention for their rights. Riot police forcefully intervened and threw migrants out of the university space while at the same time attempted to terrorize people who gathered outside the Law School in solidarity of migrants.

Yesterday, protests were organized throughout Greece supporting migrants who have been continuing their struggle under difficult circumstances.

Why are migrants on hunger strike?

As an outcome of capitalism and economic globalization, over the last years thousands of people escape from their countries migrating to “West” in hope of a better life. Those of them who eventually cross the borders suffer from exclusion and discriminations inherent in the political system. This is the case for our Kumkapi, the migrants’ detention center. Those who get arrested, too, are deprived all their rights and they are doomed to oblivion, a life in constant fear.

What’s more, due to their distressful conditions, they have been an easy target for extreme right-wingers’ hate discourses, mainstream media propaganda and racists’ physical assaults.

These policies of migrants’ persecution and contempt eventually lead to their economic exclusion.
At the end, states of the West exploit financially migrants as a way to overcome their financial crisis.

We condemn the Greek Government

We, the Migrants’ Solidarity Network, believing that migration is a problem that has to be dealt, not discriminating anyone in terms of age or gender, condemn the Janus-faced policies of Greece and EU. Not only they deny accepting migrants, but they identify them as illegal and present them as the scapegoats of the current financial and political crisis.

No borders, no fences, no walls built can obstruct and tackle people from opting for a better life.

For us, migration is a reality of our lives, it is not just a problem.

This is why we support the demands of all migrants who live and work in Greece being deprived of any social or political right.

We are calling for every socially sensitive citizen to stand up and support this struggle.


–         To put a definite end to the human drama that migrants face in Greece

–         To legalize without conditions all hunger strikers

–         To put an end to the modern racist policies which condemn people to live under inhuman conditions

–         To put an end to the shameful arrests and deportations of countries bordering with EU, such as Turkey,

–         To open borders


Migrants’ Solidarity Network


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