Press Release – Day 19 of the hunger strike

Press Release

Saturday, 12 FEBRUARY,  2011

Day 19 of the hunger strike


Τhe 50 migrant workers on the 7th floor of the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki have been on hunger strike for 19 days now. The signs of fatigue and physical weakness are now apparent. According to the doctors’ team, their weight loss is now up to 15% of their bodyweight on the first day of the fast. They are determined to continue the hunger strike..

Today, among other messages of support, the hunger strikers received a text of solidarity by 7 unions in Patras, stating that “while the government is leading us to unemployment and poverty, it is trying, with the complicity of the media, to turn the migrants into scapegoats of the crisis”. The Union of Clothes Manufacturers, Weavers and Knitters calls the government to take immediate measures towards granting full working rights, insurance and social rights for everyone who lives and works in this country. Moreover, 32 Members of the European Union Parliament, the Danish Red Green Alliance Party and the German Die Linke party expressed their solidarity with the struggle of the migrants, condemned the assaults by government, the media and the Far Right against the 300 strikers’ struggle, noting that “noone is illegal”.

On Friday, February 11, there were solidarity actions and demos in several towns of Greece as part of the countrywide and European day of solidarity actions to the 300 migrant workers’ hunger strike. In the early evening in Thessaloniki, more than 1500 people marched through the central streets of the town and then went on towards the hotel where the international conference on “Global Challenges UN, EU and NATO in the New Security Environment” was being held, with such guest speakers as the consuls of the US, France, Bulgaria and Turkey, the chief of the Greek police force, and the Greek Minister of Defense. After a long march, the demo returned to the Labor Centre, where it was warmly received by the cheering hunger strikers shouting slogans from the seventh floor terrace.

In Sofia, Bulgaria, a solidarity group gathered in front of the Greek embassy holding a banner saying ‘Solidarity with the Struggle of the Hunger Strikers – Fulfill their Demands’.

From the Press Office

Solidarity Initiative of Thessaloniki


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