Press Release – 15th Day of the Hunger Strike

Press Release

Tuesday February 8, 2011

15th Day of the Hunger Strike

Τhe 50 migrant workers on the 7th floor of the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki have been on hunger strike for 15 days now. They are determined to continue the hunger strike. Following their comrades in Athens, they have refrained from drinking tea, making their fast even stricter.

Today, Sotiris Zarianopoulos, general secretary of the Labor Centre, and representatives of the Workers’ Front (unions in the Communist Party of Greece) visited the hunger strikers and expressed their political support and solidarity for the migrant workers’ struggle. 118 university teachers from all over Greece signed a text of solidarity to the hunger strikers.

In the early evening, the Open Initiative of Solidarity to the hunger strikers in Thessaloniki organized an open info-meeting, leaflet distribution, flyposting and demonstration at the Western neighborhoods of the town.

The assembly of hunger strikers in Thessaloniki wrote a message to the owner of the building where therir comrades in Athens are staying, demanding that their comrades are given more space within the building and asking the owner whether he feels the fear for the safety of his (unharmed) property is more important than a serious struggle for human dignity. (see blog)

The assembly of hunger strikers in Thessaloniki  recorded their third video-message to their comrades on hunger strike in Athens. (See

Tomorrow migrant orgnizations and teachers’ groups are planning a protest at the General Secretariat of Macedonia and Thrace. They are meeting at 6pm at the Labor Centre.

The Open Solidarity Initiative invites everyone to the interventions and solidarity actions planned for the next days:

On Thursday, Feb 10, a march in the Toumba area will depart at 6pm from Aghia Varvara church.

On Friday, Feb 11, a solidarity rally will start at 6pm from the Venizelou statue, as part of the countrywide and European day of solidarity actions.

From the Press Office

Solidarity Initiative of Thessaloniki


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