A message of support from Wales, UK

A message of support from Wales, UK


The human desire for freedom can never be stifled, and the voices of those in solidarity do  not go unheard in the moral vacuum of Europe’s murderous policies. The actions of the Greek Hunger Strikers have rippled across nations and inspired others no matter how far away we are.

The members of No Borders South Wales stands in solidarity with you all, we are amazed at the bravery and courage of our brothers and sisters to defiantly show their humanity in a continent where dignity and solidarity are sorely lacking. We say no to their walls, armies and borders, we reject their division of us all into categories that suit them. We see through the lies of the market and understand that unemployment and hunger are artificial problems not created by migration. We will continue to fight together until every border is broken and every human is free.


No Borders South Wales


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