Solidarity from Barcelona

Dear hunger strikers,

Papersper a Tothom( Papers for All) and Cornellà sense Fronteres (Cornellà without Borders), immigrant associations in Catalonia, Spain, stand in solidarity with you in your struggle for elementary rights for foreign workers in Greece.

Ten years ago this month, a thousand undocumented immigrants occupied ten churches in Barcelona, went on hunger strike for two weeks, and after a sit-in lasting 47 days emerged victorious. Not only did all those involved eventually obtain permits, but their action opened the way for tens of thousands more to obtain permits too.

Of course we have participated in many more struggles since then. Everywhere in the European Union governments are introducing tougher and tougher immigration laws, and xenophobic parties and racism are also growing, making life even harder for foreign workers. However, we must not forget that the crisis is affecting all workers and that unity of the working class against our common enemies is vital.

We wish you every success in this fight. Take courage. We have learned that victory is difficult, but without struggle there is no victory.

Papersfor all!


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