Wednesday 26 January 2011

1. The strikers are in excellent physical and mental condition.

2. At the Press conference at noon, members of the assembly of the hunger strikers, of the solidarity assembly, of the Federation of Unions of Hospital Doctors, of the Union of State School Teachers in Secondary Education, of the first-degree union of Book-and-Paper Workers, and two lawyers called for solidarity and support for the migrants’ struggle, and explained its urgency especially in times of crisis, when society as a whole is being brutally attacked and deprived of its basic rights.

3. We are following the developments in Athens closely. No attack against our comrades and against the hunger strikers will go unanswered.

4. The hunger strikers have arranged to receive visitors between 11-1 at noon and 7-9 in the evening. During those times today, numerous people visited the strikers, members of unions who are hosted at the Labor Centre, a member of the town Council, and a delegation from the ‘Ecologist Greens’ party of Greece.

5. The team of 15 doctors who will be attending to the strikers during the course of the hunger strike, did a general health checkup on each striker, and offered medical advice and guidelines to the Safety and Security Teams of the solidarity assembly.

6. The hunger strikers assembly and the solidarity assembly agree with and will fully support the proposal of the Welcome to Europe Network for an International Action Week of Solidarity to the 300 Hunger Strikers between the 7th and the 13th of February 2011.

7. The solidarity assembly was informed that the deputy minister of Labor and Social Insurance will be in Thessaloniki for a conference on the ‘Perspectives on a New Migration Policy’ on Friday, January 28, at 7pm. The assembly of the hunger strikers announced their decision that representatives of their assembly will intervene at the conference and hand the text with their demands in person to the deputy minister.


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